Want to know what inspired to make this film about ‘Homelessness?’.


Want to know what inspired to make this film about 'Homelessness?'.

The image shows me and a few of the walkers for the dedicated charity ‘Crisis’ when we embarked to walk from Canterbury Cathedral to Londons Southwalk Cathedral as we passed through Rochester where we was joined by Mark Reckless MP where he symbolically walked across Rochester Bridge for photos and interviews to help us bring awareness to the problems that anyone of us could face if they found them selves without food or shelter. Its wrong we should need a charity in 21st Century Britain society today and know I won’t solve the problem but if more people know then more people may help. Everyone of the 6500 Londons Homeless as at risk and today I have persuaded 2 homeless people to go to a shelter tonight. I started this journey back then and see no better way than this to continue it..


Bedroom Tax


Bedroom Tax

The last thing I want this film page is political but we do have a social housing dilemma in the fact that the new bedroom tax is going to put pressure on some of the people who are closer to the bread line and are the ones that need the most help so it seems silly to me that under new laws you can evict a family for the sake of £11 a week. Its a crime that we need charities in 21st Britain to help with homelessness and I hope in a small way that the money raised from the making of this film and bringing awareness to the dilemma of so many families will go to help some of our most vulnerable people in the UK today

5 in 10 homeless services saw their funding fall in 2012, while homeless numbers increased by 10%


5 in 10 homeless services saw their funding fall in 2012, while homeless numbers increased by 10%

With the number of homeless people increasing by 10% in 2012 , the annual ‘Survey of Needs and Provision’, found that nearly five out of ten projects saw their funding fall – by an average of 17%.

With most services reliant on local authority funding, the findings indicate that the capacity of the sector to house and help new homeless people has fallen.
In the year to November 2012, 58 accommodation projects closed and 1,811 bed spaces were lost.

The number of full-time staff has reduced by 16% since 2010.

There has also been a decrease in the number of services offering targeted support to help clients with the most complex problems.

I know we won’t solve the Homeless problem alone but I hope from the bottom of my heart that it will do some good in bringing awareness to this problem in Britains society and am compelled to make this. Thanks to all that are supporting this page, film you and you doing so will help some of the UKs most vulnerable people.

Help is needed NOW


Help is needed NOW

The number of people turning to food banks triples in a year. More than 350,000 people turned to food banks for help last year, almost triple the number who received food aid in the previous year and 100,000 more than anticipated, according to the UK’s biggest food crisis charity ‘The Trussel Trust’ With the profits raised from the making of this film we will be directly helping some of those needy of people. We would love it if you shared this page.

Britain’s richest MP sparked anger today after telling


Britain’s richest MP sparked anger today after telling families on the breadline to stop wasting food. Environment minister Richard Benyon, who stands to inherit a £110million fortune, said households were wasting money by throwing away “enormous amounts of food.” He said “careful fridge management” would help solve the crisis in living standards and suggested families should eat more leftovers. We suggest you do something positive and shut your privileged mouth.

Smartphones, apps and the homeless by Johnny Lynch


Smart phones, apps and the homeless by Johnny Lynch

The title is not trying to suggest you would usually see or place those three things together, weil not in the same space or time anyway but I found myself awake in the early hours just now thinking, about the numerous people I came across last week that are on the streets, with no proper food or shelter and how our society not as individuals has forgot them but more about how our government has failed them. When you talk to a British person about the homeless I notice that the majority have a great deal of empathy with those on the streets of our towns and cities and that they genuinely wish to aid the vulnerable people they see, some give their time and others if in a financial position then they give their own hard earned cash or savings to help. From my experience on the streets though last week and the demographic which in my view found it harder to understand the plight of the homeless was the younger generation. Now am not talking about all youngsters but many don’t seem to be able to grasp that many of those on the streets don’t have a choice for a multitude of reasons and saw them much like I did when I was young as drunks or as myself and my friends called them ‘tramps’ not to be wicked or unkind but personally I didn’t have the education to distinguish who was genuinely homeless and those who chose to be homeless. With the youngsters and teenagers from my experience needing more information and education am pleased to see the development by an American Company for a smartphone app which teaches those that download it to their phones about the homeless problems through gaming, the showing of short films and social media which is something anyone that is on this page is will know I am passionate about. With the project still in development but been able to play in real time where you live and with its 1st person point of view play you build and gain gaming points which when cashed in go to help real homeless people which as a person playing it surely will be an empowering thing. Put into perspective if this first game of its kind which is going through its trial phases took off like the early style of games that have featured as apps and have now ballooned with millions playing them then I just think if a game like this took of say like ‘Candy Crush’ or ‘Angry Birds’ with millions of hours spent playing them then the homeless problem would be solved in a matter of weeks. I will watch this with great interest and even if it doesn’t reach the dizzy heights of the top ten apps to have on your smart phone but I do know to all that use it, it will be another way of how we can be more aware and raise more awareness for the problems in the UK then for me this is one app that can’t come soon enough. jLx
For more info see the youtube link about the @home app which is in its trial and development stages http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aCqikdAqYj4