Homelessness and smoking outside could become crimes under new bill proposals

The think tank the Manifesto Club claims the Public Space Protection Orders (PSPOs) expand the statutory powers they are to replace while removing checks on their use, a position that will allow for council exploitation.

Under the proposals homelessness could be turned into a crime under the new anti-social behaviour statutes.

The Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing bill, presented in part in the Queen’s Speech, includes statutory powers to ban certain activities in designated areas.

Manifesto Club director Josie Appleton, said : “There is widespread evidence of the over-use of existing powers, which are already too broad and have been employed unjustly to interfere with law-abiding individuals. The danger posed by these new powers is substantially greater.

We believe that the Government has underestimated the potential for abuse of these powers and failed to introduce sufficient checks and balances.”

The PSPOs could be used by councils for draconian powers such as the banning of spitting, banning homeless or young people from parks and other recreational areas, to initiate bans on begging, rough sleeping, and an expansion to the existing ban on indoor smoking extending it to include a ban on smoking in outdoor public places.

The orders can also be directed at particular groups, said the Manifesto Club, a position that could well see discrimination carried out.

Appleton added: “No doubt some local authorities would use these new powers proportionately, but we can be sure that others would not.

“Public Space Protection Orders urgently need to be subjected to additional checks and limitations to ensure that they are used proportionately and do not interfere with the rights of those who use public spaces.”

Of course statutes are aimed not at the human you, they are aimed at the corporate mimic of you, the ‘Legal Persona‘, understanding your relationship to the legal fiction is the key to preventing the enforcement of such nonsensical statutory legislation


One thought on “Homelessness and smoking outside could become crimes under new bill proposals

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