3 nights on the streets of London


So those of you that have read this blog from the start will know that I recently spent a night on the streets of London (see the research page for the write up) with the homeless trying to get a view from of what its really like. Well what did I learn?

Well if am honest it occurred to me that I was in fact trying a little to hard to interview and extract information from those homelsss for the purpose of the film rather than actually doing what I had said I was going to do and that was be homeless. So with that in mind I am setting a date in the next few days to the same thing again but need the help of a couple of people. This time I will be on the streets of London for 3 nights with all that i stand up in, with no cash, no phone and just my wits. What am looking for is for 2 people to follow this story and document my journey with cameras that I will provide as would like to use the footage when the film is released.

Let me know if you are interested and to everyone I look forward to telling you more along with the intended dates once I have the people I can trust to do this with me. Thanks Johnny Lynch.


5 thoughts on “3 nights on the streets of London

    • Thank you so much for taking time to reply and your comment. We now find ourselves in a privileged position with so many talented and professional people on board and am sure the hard work put in by everyone will transfer on to the screen. The high production value when it comes to crew which we have now in place is paramount to getting this message across and we look forward do sharing the results. Thanks very much. Johnny Lynch

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