We need a Royal & Prince William shows off Table Tennis skills while visiting homeless Charity last week

Prince William

Prince William made the most out of his private visit to a homeless charity last week.

As patron of the organization, the royal stopped by one of Centrepoint Charity’s central London hostels to meet with staff and learn about the facility and its needs, as well as getting in a quick game of table tennis and a plate of flapjacks.

HRH Prince William

A casually dressed Prince William stopped and chatted with many of the charity’s residents, including the Centrepoint Parliament and Fully Focused, a group of younger adults who were taught the art of filmmaking. The dad-to-be also made a stop at the kitchen (where residents are taught how to cook on a budget and the importance of nutrition) to try some flapjacks and homemade smoothies, and proceeded to hit up the ping-pong table outside.

Prince William CP

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