A Tribute to Lee Haplin


I first became aware Lee while reseaching my own film ‘Homelessness’ and about his death while he was embarking on his own documentary film and his story did make me think twice about my own night on the streets with the homeless in London. However for myself I only spent the the one night where as Lee intended to spend the week which was of course what led to his death on day 3. This is his story.

To highlight the plight of homeless people across the country Lee said he wanted to “immerse myself in that lifestyle as deeply as I can,” by documenting himself sleeping rough for a week, accessing the services that homeless people in the West End of Newcastle use and by interacting with other homeless people as much as possible.

Tragically, three days into the project Lee was found dead in a derelict hostel, aged just 26. Lee made the ultimate sacrifice as a journalist and a human being to raise awareness for a very pertinent issue.

A small group of Lee’s closest friends, some of whom Lee was working on the film with intend to finish Lee’s film as true to the vision he had for it as possible.They would then like to use the film to highlight the very serious problems it will explore and hopefully to raise money to alleviate the problems associated with homelessness and try to prevent more people becoming homeless as a result of the current attack by a government of millionaires on the poorest in our society.

Please do what you can to spread the message via Twitter, Facebook, email and of course, good old fashioned word-of-mouth.

See Lee the night before talk about what he intended to embark to sleep homeless the next day, the bedroom tax, the homeless Charity Crisis and his fearless approach to make the documentary which was in the end the catalyst which would cost him his life. RIP Lee.


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