Our film director Johnny Lynch of ‘Homelessness’ producer ‘Onward Christian Soldiers’ takes on the subject of child abuse in his next film


Pleased to be able to tell you I have been asked to work with a new award winning Italian Director/Producer Flaminia Graziadei and Producer Michèle Wheeler from LonRom Film Production and Producer Sue Green from Fierce Cat Media, on a new film ‘The Final Haunting’ a psychological dark thriller with a twist, about the mental consequences of child abuse starting in November.

Synopsis – Whilst stranded in a dilapidated house, a young woman must struggle to save both her sanity and the child in her care from an evil killer whose reach extends across time and death. The story takes the viewer into a world where nothing is as it seems. ‘The Final Haunting’ probes terrifying and realistic 20th century issues and illustrates how levels of psychological illness primarily brought about by abusive male figures can lead to tragic consequences.

The film can count on International exposure, given the world wide distribution LonRom Film and Director Flaminia Graziadei have already a proven track record in film production with films such as ‘I believe in Monsters’ and ‘Inside out’, award winner at the London Independent Film Festival 2013.

‘Inside Ou’t approaches the theme of panic attacks and has been screened in several Internationals Film festivals , from the ECU of Paris and the Lab Film festival of London, to the Opencinema of St. Petersburg, from the “In The Palace” of Bulgaria to the Shining Light in Indiana, USA and the Toronto Independent Film Festival. ‘I believe in Monsters’ is about to be released to the Film Festival Circuit (November 2013) and is a suspended short drama about child abuse and domestic violence This leads, as a kind of prequel, to their first feature The Final Haunting.

One of the reasons for taking this on is I know it will give me an incredible insight into this problem that so many people face when it comes to child abuse and although the production project is of course fiction and it will be for myself personally a bit like how I take on any project as I know it will be a journey. Although I know the final destination which is when the film is finished and where I will set off from which will be the start. I will find the road in between, which is the making of the film a path that will bring a lot to my door. Whether that be emotion, knowledge, problem solving, etc I welcome the time I will be on the film knowing what I learn will give me a wider insight to this problem that so many people endure but is so wrong to face..

Its heartbreaking to know so many people don’t come forward though for all sorts of reasons so I only hope that however a message comes across in fact or fiction that it resonates with someone who is suffering in silence to speak out. Just the other day I was saying what I have realised since I started working in film is that am privileged to see the diversity of all walks of life as all the scripts however sectionalised to sell are at there core about someone and at most someone we know in our own lifes. That gives me an incredible insightful and personal look at the people we come into contact with and that is the real privilege I am so lucky to have.

Will just say its a honour for me to do this.

Thanks for reading.

Johnny Lynch


So after an exhaustive and nearly 4 months of trying to get funding from C4 I got this short and curt message back this morning.

Date: 2013-10-22 09:55:52

Thank you for submitting your proposal to the BRITDOC Channel 4 Fund.

With a limited funding pot and a high number of proposals, I am afraid this is not going to be a priority project for us. Please be assured that your project was fully considered.

Unfortunately due to being a very small team we are unable to give more detailed feedback on projects. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

Best of luck with your film. For some alternate funding opportunities do take a look at britdoc.org/resources and consider applying for funding with BRITDOC on future projects.

Kind regards,

Luke Moody
Grants Officer


Thanks for the that incisive reply Luke.

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