Vulnerable Man evicted by Private Landord in London. What follows is shocking.


FOURTEEN people were arrested at the eviction protest.

An estimated 40 police officers broke up the demonstration in Lymington Road after a stand-off began at around 3pm.

The campaigners said a tenant had been ordered to leave private rented accommodation after a council inspector had ruled that the room he was renting was too small to live in.

Pamela Aukle, 45, from the KUWG, who was arrested during the protests, said the man – known as Mark – had “no money” and the “council have nothing for him”.

“Anything they offer is outside of Camden,” she added.

Police described the high-level presence as a “proportionate response”.

The landlord was not available for comment.


1 thought on “Vulnerable Man evicted by Private Landord in London. What follows is shocking.

  1. First of all I want to say this is a disgusting show of inhumane treatment as far as I’m concerned we are just as bad for human rights breaches as china,I also want to say funny how the camden council were happy to pay rent for mark all these years and then all of a sudden they deem the room to small so they have already admitted human rights violation for keeping him in somewhere to small but no one else seems to have realised this (police or council) and I would like to add where were adult social services in all this mark has mental health issues this eviction never should have taken place mark should have been transferred from one property to another without having to go through all of this which will leave mark suffering with post traumatic stress syndrome how dare the council use the police as their own private army as far as I’m concerned the council should be taken to court and charged for wasting police time and resources how can you have 40 police and riot squad for about 20 protestors it makes a mokery of the system,plus section ten does not apply here as section ten refers to a squat and not a residential dwelling so the charges to those who were arrested wont stick so again waste of police resources and a drain on the tax payer for the court proceedings and there was me thinking that we are in an economy crisis and thats why all the cuts are happening doesn’t look that way from this video i for one would like to know the total cost to the tax payer for the whole fiasco Camden Council you have alot to answer for there is now a war raging support groups and activists will now be present at as many evictions as possible to support people facing these kinds of inhumane treatment at the hands of the state people are now fighting back and our numbers are growing by the minute Camden Council beware and other councils alike.We will never stop campaigning against evictions they are a breach of the european human rights charter especially when its a person suffering mental health issues.

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