So after a productive meeting just now and after an idea I had last night I’ve decided to give all that want to be in the film a chance.

The rules to be considered are simple.

We need some info and a recent photograph of you so have come up with an idea which I think you will like?

1. Find a person that sells ‘The Big Issue’ – The magazine published on behalf of and sold by homeless or vulnerably housed people and a publication in my view worth paying for.

2. Purchase a copy of ‘The Big Issue’ and by doing so you will be directly helping the plight of Homeless people in the UK.

3. Take a photo using your smart phones or cameras that you carry around with you daily with you holding your purchased ‘The Big Issue’ – You can make this whacky or as imaginative as you like, maybe include the seller with his permission but as long as we can see you clearly I don’t mind.

4. Tell me why you want to be in the film in a short statement or paragraph, it could be that you have experienced homeless yourself or you know someone close to you that is going through that now or in the past. Maybe you just want to help but whatever the reason let me know and send in along with the photograph and contact details to me as a message on Facebook, a tweet @ukhomelessness or email

Thanks very much and the best of luck and I will pick those I feel can bring genuine feelings, want to help and have an empathy to this ever growing problem in the UK and together we can make a difference. Thanks very much.

Johnny Lynch

Thank you for all your support.

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