Behind the scenes of ‘Onward Christian Soldiers’ The Long Walk To End Homelessness



Last week we caught up with Christian as we continue to film the documentary ‘Onward Christian Soldiers’ We will be catching up again once more which will be the finish to the film and his story about his walk to end and raise awareness for the homeless. Christian also joined us on our ‘Sleep out for Crisis’ where we have met our target that we wanted to raise.


Here is Christian being interviewed on green screen and a exclusive look behind the scenes for you.


We look forward to showing the film when finished and to those who really do support the homeless charities then here is the link to donate to Crisis who look after some of the most vulnerable homeless people in the UK.

Thanks very much,


The Lynch Mob Agency Sleep out for Crisis.

On Sunday 17th August a few people from ‘The Lynch Mob Agency’ a supporting artist agency for TV & Films based in London ‘Slept out for Crisis’ the homeless charity. On the night out on the streets of London they was joined by Christian Nock who over the last 2 years walked the entire UK coastline sleeping rough every night to raise awareness for the homeless and where they was also joined by his girlfriend Kelly too.

They would like to thank all those that helped them to spread a awareness of some of the UK’s most vulnerable people that live on our UK streets and to those that donated and sponsored which as helped the homeless too.

If you would like to give a quid or two then follow the link below. Thank you.


Homelessness news – Government to stop funding for low-income families facing emergencies

Department for Work and Pensions to cut £180m support; Children’s Society alarmed at ‘blow to critical safety net.

A £180m-a-year hardship fund providing emergency help for low-income families who suffer sudden financial crisis as a result of domestic violence, ill-health or natural disaster such as flooding is to be scrapped, it has emerged.

Technical documents released just before Christmas suggest the Department for Work and Pensions plans to cut its cash allocation to local authority welfare assistance schemes in 15 months’ time.

Charities warned this would lead to a postcode lottery in local welfare help and trigger a rise in the number of people becoming dependent on loan sharks or charitable support, such as food banks.

Matthew Reed, chief executive of the Children’s Society, said the removal of government funding for local crisis schemes was alarming. “This is yet another blow to what was once a critical safety net for families facing such unpredictable emergencies and disasters as flooding, or simply running out of money to buy food for their children or feed the electricity meter.

“We urgently need a clear commitment from government to provide local authorities with sustainable funding to support families facing an unexpected financial crisis. Without this, many more families will be forced to turn to food banks, or to use loan sharks or high-cost money lenders.”

Local welfare assistance schemes were set up in 152 local authorities in England in April, after the old, nationally administered social fund was “localised” as part of the Welfare Reform Act.
The schemes are comprised of two elements – crisis support, which is designed to help penniless people with vital short-term expenses such as food or clothes; and community care grants, which would help people in severe crisis obtain basic living essentials such as beds and cooking equipment.

The ending of the £180m funding stream in April 2015 is likely to lead to a sporadic provision of crisis help because some councils, which have no statutory duty to provide local welfare, might decide to close their schemes altogether.
A DWP spokeswoman confirmed that it would no longer fund the schemes after 2014-15, saying that future arrangements were a matter for the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG).

Although the DWP had always made it clear there were no guarantees of funding after 2014-15, it had promised to review the progress of the schemes before taking a decision on future funding.

It confirmed to the Guardian on Friday that it would carry out the planned progress review of local schemes in the next few months, but it would be up to councils and the DCLG to act on its findings.

The DWP has always claimed the fund was ineffectively targeted, and that councils are best placed to judge how much to allocate to local crisis welfare provision.
A spokeswoman for the DCLG said that from 2015 local welfare is to be funded from local authority general funds.

Though some councils will continue to fund some kind of local crisis fund, many will decide they can no longer afford it. In November, Nottinghamshire county council proposed to scrap its £2.1m welfare scheme in April as part of a £151m cuts programme.

Local welfare schemes have proved controversial because most councils have refused to give out cash loans, which were available under the social fund, but have instead provided “in kind” support in the form of food vouchers, and referrals to food banks.

Many councils have set strict eligibility criteria – many exclude applicants who have received benefit sanctions, while others refuse to help low-paid working families – meaning that many applicants have been turned away.
A recent survey suggested the harsh criteria meant many councils had massively underspent their funds so far this year despite evidence of huge demand.

Homelessness – This is new track from Dodgy and ‘Christmas at the Foodbank’ starring our good friend Eddie Webber (The Business, The Firm)

This is from our good friend Kris Thompson.
The song titled ‘Christmas at the Food Bank’ is available to download now on iTunes, with all proceeds going to the Trussell Trust who provides food to people going hungry this Christmas. Please share this.

Alarmingly, The Trussell Trust predict that this Christmas 60,000 people in the UK will need to use a food bank.

3 times more than last Christmas.
1 in 3 UK children will be living in poverty.
1 in 5 UK mums will skip meals to feed their children.

It would be amazing if we could get this issue some much needed exposure. Please do share the video on facebook and twitter and ask your friends to do so as well. It’s all for a great cause.


Johnny Lynch

Homelessness news – Council ‘to use all available bylaws’ to ban Croydon soup kitchen


I was out with the homeless last week in Croydon and Bromley and I found out that council leaders want to use “all available bylaws” to ban a soup kitchen for the poor and homeless.

The kitchen, run by volunteers and set up by charity Nightwatch, provides food and drink for sometimes up to 50 people an evening in Queen’s Gardens. But a secret council report says the soup kitchen is causing antisocial behavior in the town center and affecting nearby businesses.

The charity received the council’s Voluntary Organisation of the Year Award last year.

Efforts to prevent it from using Queen’s Gardens, which it has done for more than 30 years, are detailed in a yet to be published report entitled Town Centre – Food Provision. The document was discussed at a meeting of senior councillors and council officers. It said the soup kitchen ban is part of a wider effort to tackle antisocial behaviour in the town centre specifically aimed at “street drinkers, beggars and other rowdy behavior”..

The soup kitchen is held every night of the year on the upper level of Queen’s Gardens.

It sees volunteers from churches across the borough give out donated food and drinks – as well as toiletries, duvets and clothes – to the homeless and destitute, and can attract up to 50 people a night. But the council believes its customers are a public nuisance.

Nightwatch were informed of the plan to ban the soup kitchen and wrote a letter to the council stating there were not any issues. However, the report said: “Police do not agree and the data supports the police view”. “The soup kitchen attracts individuals that we are actively targeting into the area,” it adds.

The report details a number of bylaws covering Queen’s Gardens which could be used to stop the soup kitchen, and notes that people who breach them are liable to be fined up to £50.

The report also says the soup kitchen could be moved to a different location, but adds the preferred approach is to close it down “utilising all available bye laws and preventing the use of Queen’s Gardens for this activity”.

Statutory homelessness in Croydon is at an eight year high and, during a count completed last Tuesday, rough sleepers were also found to be at record levels.

We have to work together to face these challenges in society, not attack each other over different manifestations of the problem.

HOMELESSNESS NEWS – People of London, take your old coats to Waterloo, Kings Cross, London Bridge, Canary Wharf, Victoria, Charing Cross, Euston, Baker Street or Highbury and Islington to donate them to the homeless!! It’s this Wednesday to Friday!


People of London, take your old coats to Waterloo, Kings Cross, London Bridge, Canary Wharf, Victoria, Charing Cross, Euston, Baker Street or Highbury and Islington to donate them to the homeless!! It’s this Wednesday to Friday.

Time-Lapse Shows Incredible Transformation of Homeless Veteran’s Life. Sometimes, what’s on the outside can count.

Sometimes, what’s on the outside can count.

In the decades since returning home from service, U.S. Army veteran Jim Wolf has faced poverty, homelessness and alcoholism. But with a bit of physical transformation, he finally found a way to turn things around.

Inspired by Dove’s “evolution” ad series, Rob Bliss Creative and Degage Ministries, a charity that works with veterans, created a video that showed Wolf getting a haircut and new clothes to help transform his life. The video was released this week in honor of Veteran’s Day.

While the changes in Wolf’s outward appearance are clearly evident in the time-lapse video, it’s the shift in his outlook on life that is less tangible but much more powerful

Our film director Johnny Lynch of ‘Homelessness’ producer ‘Onward Christian Soldiers’ takes on the subject of child abuse in his next film


Pleased to be able to tell you I have been asked to work with a new award winning Italian Director/Producer Flaminia Graziadei and Producer Michèle Wheeler from LonRom Film Production and Producer Sue Green from Fierce Cat Media, on a new film ‘The Final Haunting’ a psychological dark thriller with a twist, about the mental consequences of child abuse starting in November.

Synopsis – Whilst stranded in a dilapidated house, a young woman must struggle to save both her sanity and the child in her care from an evil killer whose reach extends across time and death. The story takes the viewer into a world where nothing is as it seems. ‘The Final Haunting’ probes terrifying and realistic 20th century issues and illustrates how levels of psychological illness primarily brought about by abusive male figures can lead to tragic consequences.

The film can count on International exposure, given the world wide distribution LonRom Film and Director Flaminia Graziadei have already a proven track record in film production with films such as ‘I believe in Monsters’ and ‘Inside out’, award winner at the London Independent Film Festival 2013.

‘Inside Ou’t approaches the theme of panic attacks and has been screened in several Internationals Film festivals , from the ECU of Paris and the Lab Film festival of London, to the Opencinema of St. Petersburg, from the “In The Palace” of Bulgaria to the Shining Light in Indiana, USA and the Toronto Independent Film Festival. ‘I believe in Monsters’ is about to be released to the Film Festival Circuit (November 2013) and is a suspended short drama about child abuse and domestic violence This leads, as a kind of prequel, to their first feature The Final Haunting.

One of the reasons for taking this on is I know it will give me an incredible insight into this problem that so many people face when it comes to child abuse and although the production project is of course fiction and it will be for myself personally a bit like how I take on any project as I know it will be a journey. Although I know the final destination which is when the film is finished and where I will set off from which will be the start. I will find the road in between, which is the making of the film a path that will bring a lot to my door. Whether that be emotion, knowledge, problem solving, etc I welcome the time I will be on the film knowing what I learn will give me a wider insight to this problem that so many people endure but is so wrong to face..

Its heartbreaking to know so many people don’t come forward though for all sorts of reasons so I only hope that however a message comes across in fact or fiction that it resonates with someone who is suffering in silence to speak out. Just the other day I was saying what I have realised since I started working in film is that am privileged to see the diversity of all walks of life as all the scripts however sectionalised to sell are at there core about someone and at most someone we know in our own lifes. That gives me an incredible insightful and personal look at the people we come into contact with and that is the real privilege I am so lucky to have.

Will just say its a honour for me to do this.

Thanks for reading.

Johnny Lynch

So after an exhaustive and nearly 4 months of trying to get funding from C4 I got this short and curt message back this morning.

Date: 2013-10-22 09:55:52

Thank you for submitting your proposal to the BRITDOC Channel 4 Fund.

With a limited funding pot and a high number of proposals, I am afraid this is not going to be a priority project for us. Please be assured that your project was fully considered.

Unfortunately due to being a very small team we are unable to give more detailed feedback on projects. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

Best of luck with your film. For some alternate funding opportunities do take a look at and consider applying for funding with BRITDOC on future projects.

Kind regards,

Luke Moody
Grants Officer


Thanks for the that incisive reply Luke.

Maybe you would like to do something that would be in a more positive light and sponsor me for Crisis at Christmas?

I’m raising money for Crisis the homeless charity by taking part in Sponsor a Volunteer 2013 and working in one of the outreach centres over the festive season,
Please help some of the UK’s most vulnerable people at Christmas this

Campaign the government to match the total Christian raisies while bringing awareness to homelessness here in UK


Christian is walking the whole of the coast of the British Isle, sleeping rough each and every night. He is raising funds for ‘Help for Heroes’ the UK Military Charity and bringing awareness of homeless ex servicemen & woman and some of the UK’s most vulnerable people on our streets of Britain today.

Please go to the petition website link posted below and sign up so that Christian’s final total raised at the end of his walk and of which he has already broken his own personal target of £100.000 will be matched by the government.

Thanks very much.