Video clip and images from my last 24hrs with Christian raising money for ‘Help the Heroes’ and his walk to end homlessness

Johnny LynchSo had a fantastic time with Christian as he continues his walk around the British coast line for ‘Help the Heroes’ and bringing awareness to the UK homeless problem and some of the most vulnerable people in the UK.

Yesterday I arranged for the local press to meet Christian along with local photographer Andreas Yiasimi as he passed through Cromer and Sheringham my two favourite places in the country and where I call home before introducing him to the pride of Cromer and its tamar class Lifeboat where he commented to me as he checked out the bridge ‘I can’t believe the controls in here it looks like the bridge of the starship enterprise’ We had been joined by Bob Duncan (Gt Yarmouth ‘Nockfest’ organiser)


It was then on to the Wellington Public House in Cromer one of local bars where he was treated to a pint of Directors a popular cask ale courtesy of the my friend and owner Leona and then on to see Maria owner of Cromer Ice Cream and Pizza House where she fed us all with a freshly backed Pizza and Norfolk Ice Cream before taking him to see my mum.


We then walked on to Sheringham, Norfolk my home town where we negotiated the rugged and dramatic chalk cliffs and ever changing of coast line of North Norfolk and was treated to a night from Jackie and Ali in the Dunstable Arms, Sheringham of telling jokes, stories and got more of an insight to a man I have grown to know a little more intimately since we made the documentary ‘Onward Christian Soldiers. The Long Walk to end Homelessness’ on him last weekend.

My part and time in his journey is over until I catch up with him further along the coast but it’s been a true privilege and one of the most proudest moments of my life walking side by side along this favourite part of Britain of mine.

Here is a very rough short clip of my walk yesterday with Christian and will be bringing you more of this and the full documentary soon.

Hope you are well as you march on and strive for you own hopes and dreams in your own life.

Thank you for all your support.

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North Norfolk Coast is ready to greet Christian

Cromer Pier

So if you are local to Norfolk then you will recognise the land mark as Cromer pier taken early in the morning and now awaits Christian as he continues his long walk to end homelessness and raising money for ‘Help the Heroes’

When Christian arrives very shortly, I have organised a small press gathering to report on his journey and another chance for him to share his story. After that he will be given a tour of the lifeboat house at the end of the pier then taking him through the town, into my local pub for a ale, on then for him to try some traditional seaside fish n chips and an a chance to taste and sample a variety of Norfolk Ice Creams.

It will be time for me to then wave this former soldier on his way having grown to know a little about this man, his motivations, what inspires him and drives him through spending time which has been a privilege for me during the honest interviews I was able to have and hear in his own words why he would take on such a task of walking the UK coast line and sleeping rough every night. I will do so with a heavy heart but with fond memories but hey thats my job but sometimes you can’t help but take something from all we meet and this man as inspired me so much.

I look forward to bringing you the complete documentary ‘Onward Christian Soldier. The Long Walk to end Homelessness’ when its finished.

Have a lovely day and don’t forget to smile

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