Mulit award winner director Lucy Walker. @lucywalkerfilm

A film maker who reports and documents the stories of true life events told passionately and genuinely. Her films cover some of the most tragic history of our planet and human strories but in her films is a message of hope through struggle. She is an inspiration to me, film makers and people around the world as are the real people equally inspiring that Director Lucy Walker is compelled to share and tell the us the viewer about.

This is an Interview with Director Lucy Walker on the experience of documentary filmmaking and advice for young documentarians at the 2010 Silverdocs Documentary Film Festival. Walker is the award winning director of such films as BLINDSIGHT and DEVIL’S PLAYGROUND. Her new film WASTE LAND chronicles the journey of famed art photographer Vic Muniz as he attempts to transform everyday garbage into high art in Jardim Gramacho, the world’s largest garbage dump, located on the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The film also serves as a thoughtful portrait of the inhabitants of Jardim Gramacho, who work in the dump recycling materials within it by hand.

WASTE LAND has won over 25 awards and honors and has just been nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature.

Lucy grew up in London, England, and graduated from Oxford University before winning a Fulbright scholarship to attend the Graduate Film Program at NYU

Johnny Lynch

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