Inspired by the people that help the homeless and dedicated to the homeless of the UK.

This film will tackle the issues that are swept under the carpet and it won’t be a romantic comedy or blood fest and it doesn’t contain one single gangster but the cold hard truth about some of the UK’s most vulnerable people that live day to day and night without no food or shelter.

We are currently casting and are in search of the right actors to convey the realism and trauma that people have to endure on our streets and you can find out more about that in the ‘Cast & Crew and casting sections of this blog.

But its not all about despair either and will have a soft and endearing side which I hope you will like. Much like the reports today and a genuinely quite heart-warming that I’ve heard today about a homeless lady that used to sell the Big Issue outside the Pret A Manger has been given a job by the firm and is now working inside.

UK Homelessness in London is rising at three times the national rate according to national charity for single homeless people Crisis UK. This film will focus on some of those couples and single people in the UK.

In research for the making of this film I’ve raised money, slept rough, worked in our food bank centres and with homeless people on the streets and in some of the homeless centres run by dedicated staff to try and get to know these people, to find out what’s important to them and to find out what they really want. It appears to me that a lot of talking done to the homeless but outside the support systems in place nobody actually listens to them. With that time spent i have a better knowledge about those in our society that have been forgotten but I’m also making a film and needed to research on whats come before and i found apart from the 60s film ‘Cathy Come Home’ directed by Ken Loach which was one of the inspirations for the homeless charity ‘Crisis’ to form there is not a lot of research in TV and Film to be found for such a huge problem that we have in our society, A programme I have watched while researching though is a brilliant drama called ‘Home’ with Johnny Harris and Lorraine Stanley both who most will remember from that hard hitting and pulled no punches film ‘London to Brighton’

‘Home’ is the story of a Homeless couple Tommy and Mary and the search for the enigmatic Howie, a friend from the streets who has seemingly disappeared. As they dig deeper on their quest, new, unsettling truths emerge. I found it powerful and as inspired me to have certain elements from that in to my film and as am directing the film..More like this please.

Thank you for all your support.

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12 thoughts on “About

  1. I wish you the very best of luck with the project. The topic raises too many issues to bring up here, but a good start would be to go for the Root Cause (just keep asking “Why?” until you reach the bottom).

    You may be surprised at what you’ll find.

  2. Great idea for a film to raise homelessness awareness. We’re just undertaking a joint initiative in Liverpool between Equfund (IPS) Limited and The Homesavers Charity to renovate long-term empty homes as well as provide work, income, training and subsidised housing for un-employed ex-service personnel, if we can give and get mutual support, let us know.

      • Excellent, the charity is just investigating grant options to help fund the ‘House Our Heroes’ mentoring & training programme, perhaps you can let me know how we can both be of assistance to yourselves (you can contact me directly at my office); my private email details below. Good luck with the filming.

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